45660 Hocking Ave | Chilliwack, BC | V2P 1B3 | Ph: 604.792.4257 | Fax: 604.792.3457


October 2nd to 9th

​Show your school spirit by joining in each day!

Monday is Orange Shirt Day in honour of Reconciliation Day

Tuesday is PJ Day

Wednesday is Jersey Day

Thursday is Twin Day

Friday is Red & White Day in honour of Terry Fox

How do I reach the School Office?

Call 604-792-4257

A number of parents are calling our automated attendance system at 604-792-7349 and feeling frustrated when they are unable to reach our office staff.  Please be advised the ONLY number for which you will reach the office staff is 604-792-4257.  If you are calling 604-792-7349 (by hitting reply on or phone or using your call display feature after receiving an attendance message), you are calling our automated attendance line (computer). This number is for attendance purposes only and does not ring through to the school office.  Again, in order to reach the school office, please call 604-792-4257. Thank you and our apologies for any confusion and frustration.​


"The small school with a BIG heart"

AD Rundle is a welcoming and inclusive school with a focus on student success. We are committed to empowering our community of life-long learners with the attitudes, skills and knowledge essential to contributing members of a global society through quality educational and social opportunities in a climate of trust, respect and support.  

We continue to provide high quality educational programs to meet the needs of all of our learners.  As a small school, we work to provide personalized elective options and the best teaching practices to ensure the success of our students.

AD Rundle is a CLOSED Campus

To ensure the safety of all visitors to AD Rundle MUST sign-in at the school office.

All visitors on site must have pre-approval from our Administrative Team to be on school grounds during school hours and must wear an ADR Visitors' Pass.  Click here to apply for a temporary ADR Visitors' Pass.

We do not interrupt classes to deliver messages or items to students.  Please make arrangements with your child prior to the school day whenever possible.  Items can be left with the office for students who will be called down for pick-up during lunch break or afterschool.  Thank you!

ADR Office Hours:  8:30 am to 3:00 pm