A.D. Rundle Middle School has a variety of awards that are presented to students for outstanding effort and achievement in a number of areas such as academics, citizenship, athletics, service, and specialized courses. Trophies, medals, pins, and certificates are given to students, depending upon the award.

The following is a list of the major awards:

1.     Arthur Douglas Rundle Memorial Award – A general proficiency trophy that is awarded to a student who has demonstrated outstanding effort and achievement in all areas of student activity: citizenship, service, scholarship, and academics. The award is in memory of the founder or our school – Mr. A.D. Rundle.

2.     Award of Merit For Significant Achievement – Presented to a student or students who have achieved straight A’s in all 4 Terms and in all subjects.

3.     Service – Awarded to students who have contributed outstanding service to fellow students, teachers, community and the school in general. One student in each grade is nominated by staff for the award.
4.     Citizenship – Awarded for qualities of good citizenship, involvement, participation, and hard work. One student from each grade is nominated for the top award.

5.     Athletics – Presented to students in each grade who have demonstrated a high level of athletic skill, participation, sportsmanship, and responsibility in the area of extracurricular athletics. 

6.     Scholarship – Awarded to the student achieving the highest academic standing among honor students at each grade level.

7.     Subject Awards – Presented to the student demonstrating outstanding achievement in a single subject area in all 4 terms.