Mrs. Harris

Aboriginal Education- Room 205

Welcome Back! We are excited to start a new school year. New beginnings, new teachers and new Administrators. We would like to welcome back Mrs. Barisoff-Harris - Aboriginal Education Teacher, Mr. Britton - Computer Technology and Metal Work Teacher, Mr. Merrick- Alternate Education Teacher, Ms. Dimas - Art & Drama Teacher, and of course Mr. Savage - Principal.

We will be looking for parents who would like to be involved in our Aboriginal Parent Group. This could include fundraising events like - garage sales and grant writing. The money raised from these events will be used to purchase materials and support our students to attend field trips through out the school year.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our programs, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Mrs. Barisoff-Harris - Aboriginal Education Teacher - 604-792-4257-

Ms. L'Hirondelle - Aboriginal Support Worker - 604-792-4257-

 Also if you have a talent you would like to share with our students, please contact us to arrange days and times to visit!


Judy Douglas is coming in on various dates to teach the Halq'eméylem  language to our students. Aboriginal students in support blocks will be participating in this program. If your student would like to participate, they can contact Mrs. Barisoff-Harris or Victoria L'Hirondelle to arrange a time and day.




More Aboriginal resources for your children can be found at the Aboriginal Education School District website:


*Metis Potluck Dinner* - Saturday October 15th at 5 pm - Kekinow Common Room - 4555 Knight Road, Chilliwack B.C. (Behind old Walmart)


The Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program-

This grant provides up to a maximum of $300 per qualifying child per session (i.e., spring/summer, fall/winter). Grants are provided directly to the non-profit or charitable organization coordinating the sport or recreational activity on behalf of the qualifying child. Since each child's financial needs are unique, Canadian Tire Jumpstart's contribution can be made for equipment, registration or transportation costs.


Leisure Access Pass (LAP) Chilliwack Leisure Centre-

This program has been designed to ensure that those who are in need of financial assistance have the opportunities to participate in activities around Chilliwack. Application forms and guidelines are on the following web page.



Social Studies 72 - Room 207


PROGRESS REPORTS: These have been sent home. Please go over them with your child, sign and have them return to school. 

This year we will be studying various topics that may include: Ancient Civilizations, Aboriginal Studies, and learning information about Canada.

The textbook we will be using is titled "Ancient Civilizations 7". Students should bring this, their binders, and other materials needed for every class.

Each day class homework will be posted on the side whiteboard for all students to see and write down in their agendas. Homework usually consists of classwork that has not been completed and is due the following class.

We are currently studying Early People. Students have been reading and completing charts with information on each type of Early person.. This Unit is very exciting and can lead to group and partner work if students cooperate and behave appropriately. Please discuss with your student behavior that contributes to a healthy learning environment and some of the consequences of not doing so.

If you have questions for concerns please call or email me at the school. Phone- 604-792-4257 or Email-

I hope we have a year filled with learning and fun!