The Cafeteria program is a recent addition to Rundle's class schedule. In September of 2007 a document was released by the Ministries of Health & Education dictating food and beverage sales in school across BC. The guidelines are very strict and are designed to promote healthier choices in what students choose to eat or drink. In order to come in line with these guidelines, a decision was made to begin a cafeteria class devoted to the creation of healthy foods available for students to purchase for lunch. A tremendous shift from pre-packaged, ready-to-cook foods to fresh sandwiches wraps and subs prepared daily, has occurred. The cafeteria class works non-stop for 47 minutes each day to make entrees, sides and treats for the fifty to sixty staff members and students that utilize the cafeteria each day. The students involved continually seek new ideas for menu items that will be appealing and still within the guidelines.



  • Healthy Lunch Specials are available daily in the school cafeteria
  • LUNCH PUNCH cards are available for purchase at the school office (cash only/exact change) or online.  $25.00