At AD Rundle, we take student and staff safety very seriously.

Our school, like all Middle Schools in Chilliwack, is a Closed Campus. This means that students must stay on the school grounds from first to last bell unless they have authorization from parents/guardians who have made special arrangements with the school administrative team. It also means that all visitors must be vetted by our administrative team prior to gaining entry into the school.

Temporary Visitor's Pass

Visitors who wish to spend part of a school day at AD Rundle must have a Visitor's Pass issued by our administrative team. Temporary Visitor's Passes are issued on a case-by-case basis and are granted only for specific dates and times and under specific circumstances.

Visitors with prior authorization and listed on our Pre-Approved Visitors List are required to wear an ADR Visitor's Badge while on school grounds.

Request a Temporary Visitor's Pass HERE