Visitor's Pass Application

AD Rundle Middle School is a CLOSED campus.  All visitors MUST have prior permission from our Administrative Team to be on school grounds.  Temporary Visitor's Passes will be granted on a case-by-case basis and will be for specific dates and times only.  

Visitors with prior permission are listed on our “Pre-Approved Visitor’s List”  and are required to wear an ADR "Visitor's Badge".  Please sign-in and pick-up a “Visitor’s Badge” from our school office.

If you do not have prior permission and are not listed on our “Pre-Approved Visitor’s List”, you will be required to leave the school grounds.

To obtain pre-approval for a visitor’s pass, please apply using web form below.  YOU MUST ARRANGE A STAFF SPONSOR PRIOR TO MAKING A VISITORS PASS REQUEST. Thank you.

Do not arrive on-site until you have APPROVAL from the Admin Team.


Please indicate the school you currently attend.

A valid phone number where we can reach you.

A valid e-mail address, which you check regularly, where we can contact you.

Please give the name of your parent/guardian whom you live with.

Please give a phone number at which your parent can be reached.

Please give a valid email address for your parent/guardian with whom you live.

Please describe the reason for your visit. Please note, visitors will only be permitted during school hours if assisting a staff member with a specific project.

You must have PRIOR approval from a staff member at ADR to use them as a Staff Sponsor. You must have a Staff Sponsor for your visit and you must be working on a specific project with that teacher in order to be on ADR school grounds.

Please provide us with any other additional information which may help us to process your Visitor's Application. Thank you.

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