• Chilliwack Community Services
    • Chilliwack Community Services (CCS) is a non-profit accredited multi service agency providing support focused programming to people of all ages. CCS is dedicated to meeting social and community needs in Chilliwack and the surrounding areas.
    • Chilliwack Community Services provides extensive social and human services that help to create opportunities with people to make positive change in their lives. There is no cost for service unless specifically noted. Confidentiality is assured.

Health Link BC - 24/7 Health advice you can trust

  • Accredited Online Colleges - Learning is changing!
  • Google - A good search engine
  • Ask for Kids - A search engine for kids
  • - Type in a question and find the answer!
  • Yahooligans- A search engine for kids
  • Chilliwack Taxi - Student Pick-Up/Drop-Off Service
  • Mind Check - This website was created in order to assist young people to identify and understand mental distress they may be experiencing and to link them to sources of help that will enable them to learn skills and strategies to manage these problems
  • Define the Line - Clarify the lines between Cyber-Bullying & socially responsible internet communication
  • Bullying In Canada - Be the change you want to see.  Make bullying stop.


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