Online Safety

It is important that parents speak frankly and often with students about all aspects of online activity.

Children should be restricted in their use of social media  and should be encouraged to report concerning online behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable to a trusted adult or thorugh the anonymous ERASE|REPORT tool at:

Caution should be used if children have access to Youtube at home or on their mobile devices. Parents should consider installing child-friendly content blockers on their home computers and devices to which their children have access.

Many streaming apps such as Netflix have "Kid Friendly" funtions that can be turned on tot allow children to browse and stream videos without being exposed to inapropriate content.

Here is a list of some approved  Youtube channels:

From Safer Schools Together

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Please submit your child's immunization record to Public Health

As you may be aware, starting July 1, 2019, parents and guardians have been requested to report the vaccination status of their school-age children. All B.C. students are required to have their complete immunization records in the Provincial Immunization Registry. This applies to children from kindergarten to grade 12, in public and independent schools and those who are home-schooled. As a result of this change in protocols, Public Health staff will be checking the immunization records for kindergarten-age children before they enter the school system and are requesting that parents or guardians of children in other grades to check their child’s online immunization records and update them accordingly.  Please click the link below for more Information on how this is to be accomplished.


Please Note: The school does not keep a record of your child's immunizations



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