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Welsome to AD Rundle Middle School

AD Rundle is the "little school with a big heart", located in the heart of Chilliwack, serving students in grades 6 through 8.

Our staff is committed to providing quality learning experiences for students in a safe, caring, and positive environment. We work hard to ensure all students are successful by offering a wide range of courses and activities.

In addition to our academic courses ( English, Social Studies, Math, Science, and French), we offer Band, Leadership, Information/Technology, Cafeteria, Foods, Sewing, Outdoor Education, Yearbook, Woodwork, and Metalwork.

For students who need extra support, we offer Learning Assistance, Aboriginal Support, Resource Program and Case Management. Our school also has Youth and Prevention Workers.

Our dedicated staff also provides numerous extra-curricular opportunities including all major sports, intramurals, and theatre productions. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at 604-792-4257.

Information & Announcements

Introducing The A.D. Rundle Integrated Arts & Tech Cohort September 2020

Registration for The A.D. Rundle Integrated Arts and Technology was between Monday January 20, and March 31, 2020. Applications after March 31 can still be made online; and applicants will be added to the existing waitlist. Please visit https://sd33.bc.ca/integrated-arts-and-technology-k-12-program to register and for further information.

This is an AMAZING opportunity for our school. There is already a buzz from our current staff because this form of learning is best practice.  Students will still learn all required curriculum.  Teachers will use an arts based lens to integrate all subjects.  Many of our staff are already using this style of teaching because it makes learning relevant to the student.

Please note: School organization for the 2019-20 school year will remain status quo.  If you would like any more information on this initiative please do not hesitate to email me at, scott_wallace@sd33.bc.ca 

Please submit your child's immunization record to Public Health

As you may be aware, starting July 1, 2019, parents and guardians have been requested to report the vaccination status of their school-age children. All B.C. students are required to have their complete immunization records in the Provincial Immunization Registry. This applies to children from kindergarten to grade 12, in public and independent schools and those who are home-schooled. As a result of this change in protocols, Public Health staff will be checking the immunization records for kindergarten-age children before they enter the school system and are requesting that parents or guardians of children in other grades to check their child’s online immunization records and update them accordingly.  Please click the link below for more Information on how this is to be accomplished.


Please Note: The school does not keep a record of your child's immunizations



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