A.D. Rundle Integrated Arts and Technology Cohort

The AD Rundle Middle Integrated Arts and Technology cohort is a program of choice with a focus on integrated curriculum, using Arts and Technology as tools to demonstrate learning for students in grades 6 - 8.

Students in the IAT Cohort are part of AD Rundle Middle school. They participate in CORE academics and arts and technology education here at the ADR main campus and across the street in the ADR Integrated Arts & Technology Cohort Building. ADR IAT students also participate in ADST (Woodshop, Metal shop, Digital Literacy, and Foods and Textiles) and PE.

Integrated Technology and Design Middle School Program for students who want to become innovative,
creative, problem solving thinkers. Students who love a challenge, think out of the box, and like to
demonstrate learning through hands on creation!

Students have Full access in classes to State of the Art computer design technology, custom 3D Printing creations, Digital Art Production and Printing (think decals, art, clothing, vinyl creations), Photography, Music Production, Creation and Recording, Drama and Theatre, Podcasting and Recording and Video Production.

This program provides students with an education guided by the four pillars of an integrated arts and technology program: 

  • Integration of Disciplines
  • Authentic Learning 
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Visionary Staff

CLICK HERE for walking directions to the Integrated Arts & Technology Building from A.D. Rundle Middle School

Arts & Technology Integration Cohort at ADR Registration Information

Registration in the ADR Middle School Arts & Technology Cohort is open to any Chilliwack School District student entering grades 6, 7 or 8. Priority will be given to FG Leary Fine Arts Elementary students transitioning to middle school.

Online applications for students entering Grade 6, 7 or 8 can be submitted by visiting

  1. After selecting your catchment school, select YES under the "I would prefer to attend a school outside my catchment area".
  2. Select AD Rundle Middle School as your first school of choice.
  3. Continue through the application process. Ensure that you select Integrated Arts and Technology Cohort (6-8) in the Programs tab.

NOTE: Current students of Chilliwack School District do not need to upload documents into E-Reg (birth certificate, proof of residence etc). Select  No under "Do you have all documents".

  • If space is not available, applicants will be added to the existing IAT waitlist.

    Students transitioning to grade 9 from the ADR IAT will have the option to directly transition to Imagine High and continue their Integrated Arts and Tech education or they can register at CSS, their catchment school.